SureCan gas cans have actually lastly fixed the spilling issue individuals deal with. SureCan includes a fall nozzle so you do not need to stress over gas spilling over however that’s not all.

.Why SureCan Gas Cans are Great.

Instead of tipping a gas can to put the gas into something, the SureCan’s nozzle works by pressing a button. When you’re done putting, no more spillage and less concerns about drips.

What else makes SureCan excellent is the huge nozzle on the back that makes pumping gas a lot better and the cap is ultra-durable so you do not need to fret about it removing or breaking out. Plus, while you’re filling, you can quickly see just how much fuel is entering into it by considering it up with the levels printed on the SureCan.

The SureCan is self-venting and has child-proof caps so it’s a safe gas can. And it’s six-layer high density plastic building and construction indicates it will hold its shape for several years to come. Just ensure you do not have stagnant gas around due to the fact that it might hurt your little engine.

.Where to Buy SureCan.

Find the SureCan Gas Can online at Amazon or see SureCanUSA . The SureCan is available in a 2.2 gallon size for $36.89 on Amazon and a 5-gallon can runs around $47 at Amazon.

Every item is individually chosen by our editors. If you purchase something through our links, we might make an affiliate commission.


.10 Things You Should Never Do While Pumping Gas.1/ 10. gasDon’t Leave the Engine Running.Ensure you put your automobile in park and turn the engine off prior to pumping gas. You ought to likewise turn off any auxiliary 12-volt source of power such as phone battery chargers and cigarette lighters due to the fact that, while uncommon, they can be a prospective igniter of a fuel fire. These are the 10 things you ought to understand about fuel.  ladyDon’t Get Back in Your Vehicle.When re-fueling, do not get back in your car. A percentage of fixed electrical power can develop and trigger a stimulate when you touch the metal, which might be hazardous when blended with gas vapors. Here’s how to safeguard your engine with ingredients.  cellDon’t Use Your Cellphone.Filling station are hectic locations. While you most likely will not trigger an electrical trigger when utilizing your cellular phone around a gas tank, you ought to prevent utilizing your phone so you remain more alert and concentrated on what you are doing. This is why you should not charge your phone in your vehicle.  vehicleDon’t Overfill.Stay alert and make sure not to overfill your gas tank. The majority of fuel tanks shut down instantly when the tank is complete, so rely on the tank so you do not wind up spilling gas all over. Here’s how to lube your vehicle locks, hinges and locks in simply 10 minutes.  soapKeep Gas Off Skin, Eyes.Clean the afflicted location in lukewarm water and soap if you do get gas on your skin. If you get gas in your eyes, according to the Mayo Clinic, you must flush them with faucet water for a minimum of 15 minutes and get rid of contact lenses. Prevent rubbing your eyes. Did you understand that these 10 family products are very combustible?  kidsKeep Children in the Car.While you ought to remain outside the automobile when pumping gas, kids ought to be left inside the vehicle. Not just will this assist them keep away from harmful fumes, however it will assist you keep your attention concentrated on what you’re doing.Obviously, never ever leave kids alone in the cars and truck if you need to ignore the pump. These are the 15 things you were informed never ever to touch when you were a kid.  smokeDon’t Smoke.Never ever smoke around the gas pump. And this need to be apparent, however never ever spark lighters or light matches anywhere near a gas pump. If you have this smoke alarm, you need to change it instantly.  fireIn Case of Fire.Back away from the car if you do experience a fire when refueling. Leave the nozzle in location and alert a gasoline station worker right now. These 20 surprise things in your house might be a fire risk.  tankUse the Right Container.Make sure it is an authorized portable container if you are filling a container with gas. When filling and then position it in the lorry, leave it on the ground. Make certain the cap is securely closed and eliminate the container from your cars and truck as quickly as you reach your location. Learn why stagnant gas might be eliminating your little engine.  fillTransport Gas Safely.Make sure it is protected in the lorry so it does not tip over and spill if you are carrying fuel in a portable container. You must likewise never ever leave fuel in sunshine or in the trunk of an automobile. This is the right method to keep fuel. .[skyword_tracking]


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Have you ever had one of these experiences while speaking in public? You forgot what you wanted to say and froze on stage. Your computer crashed and you fumbled your way through the presentation. An audience member made a comment … Continue reading →

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Donielle W.
Elements Greenville

"A great stretch for clients and therapists is the doorway stretch for pectoral muscles.  Standing in a doorway with arms braced on the side of the door and leaning forward with your body will help stretch pectoral muscles contracted from forward posture or a lot of computer work.

“Another great one for the upper shoulders, or the trapezius, is to lean your head to either side with chin tilted slightly toward the shoulder and stretch the opposite arm from where your head is tilted toward the floor. This muscle tends to hold stress and tension so this is great to keep it flexible.

“The last one would be for your rhomboid area, which also gets a lot of sore spots and trigger points from posture or working out.  Take your arms out in front of you, cross them over each other, then put your palms together and push.  This will give a delicious stretch to the upper back."

Norma R.
Elements McAllen

“For a nice shoulder stretch, place one arm across your chest and use the other arm to hold. Gently press on your upper arm for an additional stretch.  Hold for about five seconds, and repeat five times for each arm.”

Doug J.
Elements Rockville Centre

“Be aware of your posture. Make sure you’re sitting and standing up straight. Don't lean on your arms. Keep your neck straight and head up.

“Take the time to stretch as much as you can.  While at your desk, bring your arms all the way back and expand your chest. Turn your head to the side and then look over your shoulder. Stretch your right ear to your right shoulder.  Then stretch your right ear to your right arm pit.  Do the same on your left.”

Colleen O.
Elements Louisville

“Even though it isn't heavy lifting, computer work is hard on our bodies! Here are a few things you can do to keep your body in working order.

“Stretch your chest muscles every 20 minutes by standing up straight, looking straight ahead at a focal point on the wall and trying to touch your elbows behind your back. Hold for 20 seconds.

“To stretch your hands and arms:  Stand up straight.  Extend your left arm slightly in front of you, palm side up.  Extend your fingers. Grab the fingers on your left hand (with your right hand) and gently pull your fingers back towards your body, keeping your arm extended. Do this for about 20 seconds.  You’ll feel a nice stretch up the inside of your arm (your flexors).  Repeat on the right side.”

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U.S. regulators will ask the general public if robotic cars and trucks need to be permitted on streets without guiding wheels or brake pedals as they attempt to set the very first legal borders for their style on the planet’s second biggest automobile market. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has actually postponed action for 15 months on General Motors Co’s demand to release a restricted number automobiles on U.S. roadways without guiding wheels or other human controls such as a brake pedal. In GM’s petition, NHTSA will for the very first time compare a lorry in which all driving choices are made by a computer system versus a human motorist. NHTSA called it “a crucial case of impression,” providing “crucial and unique problems.”

The choice to move on comes in the middle of increased issues about automatic piloting systems in cars and airplane. A deadly 2018 mishap including a self-driving automobile run by Uber Technologies Inc and 2 fatal airplane crashes including extremely automated Boeing 737 MAX airliners have actually put a spotlight on the capability of regulators to examine the security of sophisticated systems that replace maker intelligence for human judgment.

NHTSA is likewise looking for public discuss a different petition by Softbank Corp-backed driverless shipment start-up Nuro to release a minimal variety of low-speed, extremely automated shipment automobiles without human residents. Nuro, which partnered with Kroger Co last year to provide groceries, looks for approval not to consist of a windscreen in the car. The petitions desire exemptions from U.S. automobile security guidelines mostly composed years ago that presume human chauffeurs would constantly be in control of an automobile.

NHTSA desires input on a breakdown of concerns about the problems surrounding releasing lorries without human controls . NHTSA stated it will accept public remarks for a minimum of 60 days.

GM has stated it intended to release the lorries by the end of 2019 however was uncertain if it will win regulative approval by the end of the year given that 15 months have actually expired with no NHTSA choices. GM representative Patrick Sullivan stated on Friday the business’s “strategies have actually not altered. We are still looking for approval for the petition.”

GM stated it would at first restrict the speed of the test fleet of no greater than 2,500 customized Chevrolet Bolt electrical automobiles as part of a GM-controlled on-demand ride-sharing fleet, most likely to be based in San Francisco. GM should show the lorries are at least as safe as human-driven automobiles to win short-lived exemptions from the requirements. In 2015, Congress stopped working to pass legislation to speed the release of self-driving vehicles on U.S. roadways after the Uber crash. Last October, NHTSA stated it was continuing with strategies to modify security guidelines that bar totally self-driving vehicles from the roadways without devices such as guiding wheels, pedals, and mirrors however acknowledged it might be a prolonged evaluation.

Alphabet Inc’’ s Waymo system late in 2015 released a minimal self-governing ride-hailing service in Arizona for the public without any human motorist. Waymo’’ s cars have human controls and a security chauffeur.

( Reporting by David Shepardson)

The post NHTSA Wants to Hear the general public’s View on Cars With No Driver Controls appeared initially on Motortrend .

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Realme 3 logo

India is playing host to an all-out war in the budget smartphone sector, with Realme and Xiaomi duking it out for supremacy. Now, the Oppo-backed brand has announced a noteworthy figure for the first day of Realme 3 sales in the country.

The company revealed on Twitter that it sold over 210,000 Realme 3 units during its first flash sale yesterday. Not bad for a brand that’s been around for less than a year, right?

With 2,10,000+ units of #realme3 sold on @Flipkart and , let’s welcome the new segment leader. Thank you to all the fans for the overwhelming response. 🤩

Gear up for the next sale at 12 noon, 19th Mar. #PowerYourStyle

— realme (@realmemobiles) March 12, 2019

Realme also claims it’s the new “segment leader” and, when you take the sales figure into account, it certainly seems like a shot at the similarly priced Redmi Note 7.

Editor’s PickBest phones under 15,000 rupees in IndiaCompanies like Xiaomi, Motorola, and more recently Honor, Nokia, and RealMe have changed the game in India, with budget-friendly smartphones offering impressive performance and features. This has given rise to a whole new budget category in India.

If you’re looking for the …

Xiaomi India confirmed last week that it produced 200,000 Redmi Note 7 units for the first day of sales, saying they were all sold in “a few minutes.” However, the brand confirmed it was working to increase production in light of the demand. Realme’s assertion that it sold more units than Xiaomi (despite Xiaomi’s claims of production woes) certainly puts a little pressure on the Redmi brand to increase sales.

It’s not the first time Realme issued big numbers for its sales either, as it claimed 370,000 Realme 2 units sold over two days last year. In fact, the brand said it sold 200,000 units on one day alone.

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7 Pro goes on sale in India today, but the Oppo-backed brand is also working on a challenger in the Realme 3 Pro. The company even referenced Xiaomi’s Pro model when it teased the Realme 3 Pro earlier this month. No matter which brand emerges supreme in 2019, it looks like Indian consumers are in for some great budget-priced wares.

NEXT: Google reportedly shifting employees away from tablet, laptop division

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If you earn a living on your computer system, you likely reside in continuous worry of it being taken. All it takes is one ill-timed restroom break at a coffee bar, one quick-fingered burglar on the train, or one house break-in to make your most costly ownership disappear permanently — — which’s not even considering the worth of the information saved on it.  

Whether you’ve invested the last 4 years dealing with that unique, or simply the last 4 weeks dealing with an expenditure report, you’ve got a great deal of your life bound because disk drive, and losing it would be a substantial catastrophe.

Beepify , a digital security service for your laptop computer, does a lot to relieve those worries. After activation, Beepify waits on among 3 triggers: the laptop computer is closed, unplugged, or the screen is switched off. The gadgets lets out a disconcerting and loud beep if one of those triggers is triggered. The ides that prospective burglars must end up being frightened, or at extremely least openly shamed, and quit their tried theft to run into the night. Read more …

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Microsoft is attempting to make the update process for Windows 10 much less painful this week, with the latest feature in the pipeline being the ability to temporarily stop updates from installing on your PC for up to 35 days.

A couple of days ago Microsoft took a big step towards a less painful Windows Update process by introducing a new feature which automatically detects and uninstalls broke updates. Now, Windows 10 Home users look set to get another welcome feature.

Image: screenshot/pcmag

As Ars Technica reports, the current build of Home (version 1809) only allows an update installation to be delayed for seven days. However, Reddit user Leopeva64 noticed preview build 1903 extends the delay for up to 35 days, as can be seen in the screenshot above. Read more…

More about Windows 10 Update, Tech, and Cybersecurity

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What if we could take the future and out of work out of work and prepare them for a brand-new profession? What if your accounting professional was when a coal miner? Or your computer system developer was as soon as an auto-line producer? It doesn’’ t make a distinction to you so long as they do an excellent task.


To stay effectively staffed, companies should rely on out-of-the-box recruiting techniques, however they’’ ll requirement to reword market finest practices and welcome input from neighborhoods and the federal government.

The future of ““ work ” as we understand it is altering quickly. It constantly has. Automation and AI will get rid of lots of low skilled-manual tasks. Work weeks will get much shorter and as a result free time will increase. In the meantime, numerous employees might be left, as history has actually revealed. We should modify how we inform future generations and invest into retooling individuals’’ s present abilities. Nations like Germany and South Korea have actually currently started. With hope, the wealth space will diminish, politics will relax, and hardship will vanish.

.Mining for brand-new skill.

We’’ ve saw both a terrible story and caustic dispute about coal mining in the United States and heard guarantees to restore the as soon as growing market. Coal mining has actually remained in decrease considering that completion of World War Two and burning it includes disastrous levels of CO2 into the environment; coal mining is no longer the tradition market it as soon as was. Contrary to popular belief, out of work miners are a gold mine for companies.

There was a time in the late 1800s to mid-1900s when most males, old and young, who weren’’ t tradespersons, might discover a task in a factory or a mine. A guy (and frequently kids up until kid labor laws ) might work if he was able and healthy. They couldn’’ t push them underground fast sufficient to carry up the initial black gold: anthracite coal. For countless households worldwide, it was the entrance to sustain themselves throughout the Industrial Revolution. The work was safe, however fatal. Black-lung, cave-ins, gas leakages all eliminated and injured thousands and if you didn’’ t work, you didn ’ t consume. Unions combated’ for employees ’ settlement, the basic work week, pensions, and getaways –– things typically considered given today.

As time and employees’ ’ rights advanced, so did innovation. Ratings of males with choices and shovels in addition to blind mules transported coal; ultimately makers did the heavy lifting. Employees were laid off and less were worked with. The market treked on.

.United in coal, divided in viewpoint.

By the mid-1950s, worldwide coal mining peaked. In the United States and Germany, miners who when battled each other in fight were back operating in their mines. They took pride in their heritage sustaining the world’’ s energy requires. Here is where the resemblances stop. In Germany, mass demonstrations broke out in reaction to layoffs. The federal government recognized that coal was a passing away market. As more mines closed in the 1960s, the federal government combined them under the RAG Company (Ruhrkohle AG). They started preparing a soft exit for the ultimate death of the market to decrease the scaries of mass joblessness and subsequent political strife the nation suffered in the 1920s and 1930s. Their objective was to re-train miners into other markets.

In the U.S., the federal government had no such insight. Whole areas of Pennsylvania and swathes of West Virginia were delegated look after themselves. Because 2010, around 10,000 miners have actually been laid off in West Virginia. The outcome has actually been bleak. Much of the once-thriving neighborhoods have actually been deserted. Individuals leave for larger seaside cities with more chance. Tax bases diminish; responsibility suffers, corruption grows; brain-drain draws the skill far from little- and medium-sized towns who frantically require youths and assistance into the 21st century. What stays is bitter animosity and mistrust –– of next-door neighbors, of the federal government, of the ““ other ”. Populism and worry grip the people as the nation declines a dark course.

The Germans understood this story too well. Their federal government continued to support miners in the Ruhr area up until 2007. Berlin provided retirement and re-training offers. Since Dec. 21, 2018, the last mine at Prosper-Haniel in Bottrop is closed down , with strategies in location to re-train employees to do other tasks , unless they’’ re over 50 years old –– in which case they will have the ability to gather pensions right away.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the group Citizens for Coal constantly press United States Congress to prop up the market when they might be pressing Congress to assist them retool for the future with brand-new task training in the green economy, a point that United States Senator Bernie Sanders has actually consistently required. The present political environment has actually developed incorrect hopes for a market that is and need to be completed; when the vehicle struck the streets, those who purchased horses were sent to pasture. The German constitution needs the federal government to make sure equivalent living conditions around the nation, to prevent local variations we see in between the rustbelt and seaside cities. The objective is ““ to establish a resilient, above-politics, non-partisan agreement that federal government must actively do what it can to assist change in areas going through financial interruption and modification.””


The concept of working a satisfying profession at a tradition market or business and retire with a pension is as much a distant memory as the Five-day and 40-hour work week . Why do we keep pressing the concept of young workers requiring tasks in passing away markets? Dealing with the truth of a green future implies the requirement to retool individuals currently in their profession and prepare the next generation for these tasks in tech, green energy, electrical transport, and facilities. Discovering skill in these unlikeliest of locations –– by means of out-of-the-box recruiting methods –– need to occur.

Pittsburgh has actually made worthy efforts to change its economy. Previously controlled by steel production under the iron fist of Andrew Carnegie’’ s U.S. Steel at the turn of the last century, it almost imploded when your homes of blue flame shuttered up. Pittsburgh varied and took advantage of brand-new skill. And its citizens who originate from the world over have actually been imaginative in doing so. Lots of brand-new start-ups have actually because appeared and made the smaller sized green economy natural and feasible. Project RE _ , for instance, has actually effectively taken previous jail prisoners and trained them in building abilities to restore their neighborhood.

But what of those nearing completion of their profession? Can they discover to code or sign up with a start-up whose earliest member may still be more youthful and more senior than them? The town of Bottrop, Germany, has actually been attempting. The federal government and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia invested €€ 90 million together with €€ 200 million from personal financiers to improve. More tasks are still required, it got rid of lots of from well-being, decreased carbon emissions, and increased pride in their town. The town is a design for modification and has actually gotten more financing to reinvest in task development.

Visit any old commercial location. Numerous previous employees districts and previous factories have actually been changed into loft houses, breweries, clubs, and coworking areas. Gentrification is a label tossed around rather thoughtlessly, however is an item of this shift. Staying inclusive is the difficulty. The secret for the future of work is moving individuals into professions they’’ re thinking about which remain in need. You, too, can move your state of mind to adjust to this truth, and rely on various and more innovative methods to hire workers.

.United States production –– made in America.

Perhaps the United States can take a page from the abovementioned playbooks. In the U.S., trainees are pressed into four-year degree schools rather of trade schools where important and usually sought-after trade abilities are found out. That subject deserves its own short article. Seeking to Germany, the production beast of Europe, they’’ ve effectively put young trainees into schools that typically match their interests. Be it academic community, medication, or production, trainees understand their choices previously.

An overall of 1.3 million United States production tasks have actually been produced just recently, a quarter of those in the last 12 months. Bureau of Labor stats recommend that 500,000 production tasks are unfilled. That’’ s an insane number provided the predicament of trainees drowning in financial obligation and sobs of Asia and Mexico taking tasks.

Greg Sheu of ABB , a making business based out of Switzerland however with United States satellites, stated the market giants all ““ hire, train, and keep ” their employees. The economic sector has actually done it. Now the federal government and the states need to broaden their focus to permit trainees to sample different profession fields while supporting those who’’ ve decided, similar to in Germany.

Sheu thinks it’’ s a public misunderstanding. ABB has actually produced Manufacturing Day to display improvements and security in producing professions. And the work needs high-skilled labor instead of inexpensive low-skilled labor which might be contracted out abroad—– the latter being the kind of fatal and harmful work that was plentiful in the late 1800s. The possible advantages are access to the American middle class. Sheu likewise thinks most developed nations aren’’ t totally prepared for the upcoming robotics-driven automation and synthetic intelligence wave. Not remarkably, Germany remains in the leading 3—– the United States, ninth.

Germany’’ s experience is one that can be followed by the United States and other nations: initially, upgrade school curriculums to prepare the youth for a robust option of professions from academic community and the arts to engineering and production. And 2nd, market and federal government need to interact to hire, (re) train, and maintain as lots of people as possible whose tasks are either gone or quickly to be gone. The latter method is where you can action in as a recruiting specialist.

A call to action is inadequate. A course to action is best. Think about out-of-the-box recruiting methods and imaginative methods to hire workers. One course is to ask with the National Association of Manufacturers to see what resources are offered to fulfill your recruiting requires.

Work with your associates to discover skill in the unlikeliest of locations. Take opportunities on individuals who aren’’ t best on paper. Success lies with development, addition, and danger. Why transform the wheel when others are rolling quickly towards achievement?

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Your Money or Your LifeWhen I was a boy, my heroes were athletes and astronauts. I dreamed of playing pro football one day. Or, better yet, walking on the moon.

As an adult, my heroes are more mundane. They’re the people who make personal finance accessible to average people. Long-time readers know that billionaire investor Warren Buffett is one of my heroes. So too is Dave Ramsey, who has helped countless people — including me — get out of debt.

But perhaps my biggest hero is an unassuming 73-year-old woman in cat-eye glasses who lives on Whidbey Island in Washington’s Puget Sound.

In 1992, Vicki Robin (and her partner, Joe Dominguez) published Your Money or Your Life, a book designed to help readers transform their relationship with money. In 2004, the book transformed my relationship with money. It rocked my world. It inspired me to seek financial independence, which the book defines as “no longer having to work for money”.

Fast-forward fifteen years.

Today, in 2019, I’m awe-struck to actually be exchanging email with Vicki Robin, discussing the past, present, and future of financial independence. And this week, when she came to Portland, I not only got to hear her speak in person, but also got to treat her to dinner.

Your Money or Your Life

Last night, Douglas Tsoi, founder of the Portland Underground Graduate School and the School of Financial Freedom, hosted a talk from Vicki Robin. A few dozen money nerds — including some GRS readers (Hi, Scott! Hi, Brandon!) — gathered to hear Robin’s thoughts about financial independence.

For the sake of clarity, I’ve taken some liberties in what follows. I haven’t changed any of Robin’s ideas, but I’ve shifted some topics and quotes in order to create a smoother, more coherent flow for the blog. I’ve treated Robin’s Q&A responses, for instance, as if they’re part of the main talk. A real journalist would be mortified. I am not a real journalist.

Some folks in the audience were unfamiliar with Your Money or Your Life, so Robin started by briefly recapping the book’s message.

The goal of Your Money or Your Life, Robin says, is to transform your relationship with money in order to liberate your most precious resource, time. The book’s nine-step program is meant to help readers track the flow of money and stuff in their lives, guided by both self-interest (“does it work for me?”) and higher values (“does it work for the world?”).

It’s natural that we act in our own self-interest. If we aren’t right with ourselves, it’s tough be of service to others. But Robin worries that too many people get stuck in the self-interest side of things and never move beyond that, never see how achieving financial independence gives them the freedom to leave a lasting, positive impression on the world.

Like me, she wants people to “live on purpose”.

After Robin’s talk, a GRS reader named Brandon introduced himself to me. “Thanks for the work you do,” he said. “Especially what you share about mission and purpose.”

“Has that been useful for you?” I asked. “I feel it’s important, but sometimes I feel like I’m writing into a vacuum. I don’t know if it actually helps anybody.”

“Yes, absolutely,” Brandon said. “My wife and I have both done your personal mission statement exercise. It’s helped to give our lives direction. It’s very useful.”

A Story of Money

“In the western world, we live in a story of money,” Robin says. “On a personal level, this usually means that more is better. Whatever you have, a little bit more is better.” Our society is built around this narrative, which is pushed on us from all sides. (Even minimalism turns out to be about having more: “I have more less.”)

We’re all living this story together.

While the definition of financial independence in Your Money or Your Life is “no longer having to work for money”, Robin stresses that being FI isn’t about not working. Financial independence doesn’t mean leaving your job. It doesn’t mean seeking a life of idleness. Financial independence is about being independent from consumer culture, from the default ideology of the western world.

“There’s an ongoing campaign to convince people that they need more than they have. We’ve been persuaded we need more stuff. We’re constantly bombarded by messages of more.”

Robin isn’t immune to these messages. She recently considered buying a laptop case for when she travels.

“A useful question for me when I’m in the presence of something I must have is: Who wins if I buy this? Do I win? Or does somebody else win? Maybe I win a teeny bit by getting a computer case, but the company that sells it is the real winner.”

She smiled. “Besides, I’d probably just misplace the new case in my office. I’d be better off wrapping my computer in a towel!”

A New Story

Your Money or Your Life is meant to help readers see the world through different eyes. It’s meant to help people escape Plato’s Cave, to free themselves from the Matrix. When you reject the standard narrative, you’re able to define what’s valuable to you, what is enough for you.

“Moderating your consumption is resisting the dominant narrative,” Robin says. “It’s a sort of independence, a sort of freedom. It’s opting out of the idea that growth is good.”

When Robin and Dominguez wrote Your Money or Your Life, their aim was to help readers “liberate their life energy” so that they could use that energy to pursue what brings them (and the world around them) value.

“If everyone could do what they’re called to do, the world would be a better place,” Robin says.

Robin thinks it’s time for society to create a new shared narrative. She believes it’s time to set aside the story of money, to adopt a story that works toward the common good, not just the individual good.

How do we do this? She’s been thinking about this for years (and it’s the subject of her next book). Her advice reminds me of Action Girl’s guide to living, which I shared in 2006 when Get Rich Slowly was a baby blog.

In short:

Find others who are doing work of value. Work with them.
Help them bring forth something the makes life better for everybody.
Allow them to help you.

Financial independence isn’t an ultimate purpose. It’s a means to an end. It allows us to put ourselves in a position to contribute to society, to take care of others (children, elders, whomever).

What Is Money For?

Vicki RobinIn 1989, when they started writing the book, Robin and Dominguez had been teaching their financial freedom workshop for ten years. They’d seen that, on average, attendees were able to decrease their spending between 20% and 25%. What’s more, folks were happier. And they were consuming less.

When they decided to write Your Money or Your Life, they had two objectives.

They wanted to liberate people to be of service.
They wanted to liberate the planet from consumerism.

When Robin updated the book 25 years later, she felt discouraged. Instead of a reduction in consumerism, it seemed like the world had “gone further down the path of degradation”. Her goal with her revisions was to reach a new generation of readers.

As she worked on the new edition, she was pleased and humbled to discover that — unbeknownst to her — she’d helped inspire an entire movement: the FIRE movement. (FIRE is a clumsy acronym for Financial Independence and Early Retirement.)

But she was saddened to see that many of the folks pursuing financial independence were motivated purely by self-interest. They had no desire to be of service. They weren’t pursuing a higher aim.

“People are using FIRE as a way to escape something,” Robin says, “not as a way to pursue something bigger.” She wishes more folks would use financial independence as a platform to pursue large goals, to change their communities — and the world.

“What is freedom for?” she asked the audience last night. “What is FIRE for? Once money is no longer your story, what is your story? Who am I? What makes my life worth living? Who are my people?”

Life After Work

Robin says we don’t talk about these ideas as a society. We don’t talk about what a post-work “story” would look like. “If money is our religion,” Robin says, “then our jobs are the central rituals. Work is what we do from the time we’re born until the time we die.”

She believes we’re all meant for more than work. We want to apply our life energy to things that we think are valuable.

“We are born to contribute,” she says. We’re born to be useful, to be a meaningful part of our communities. “To say that work is only to get income is to befuddle the mind. I’ve left paid employment but I haven’t left work.”

Now, she works on improving herself and on improving society. “I work for the benefit of all every moment of my life.”

Robin spent some time talking about the difference between work and play. She says: “I aspire, as I do my work in the world, to do it with a spirit of play. To do it with a spirit of curiosity. To not make anybody an enemy. I think that’s something to aspire to.” I agree whole-heartedly!

Robin’s talk — and the Q&A that followed — was dense with information. I’ve only summarized the main points. For my own reference (and the reference of those who attended), here are are two interesting concepts that she referred to in passing:

Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren, a 1930 essay from economist John Maynard Keynes, in which he posits a fifteen-hour work week.
Manfred Max-Neef’s taxonomy of fundamental human needs, which is a matrix of “existential needs” and “axiological needs”. (I’ve never heard of this before but want to take a deep dive into it. It looks interesting.)

Robin concluded her talk by sharing some of the new ideas she’s been exploring over the past few years. “What if we could have financial independence for everyone?” she asked. What would that look like? Is it even possible?

She’s still hashing out these ideas as she writes her next book.

Dinner with Vicki Robin

As much as I enjoyed Robin’s talk last night, I enjoyed taking her to Thai food on Monday even more.

Sometimes when we meet our heroes, we’re disappointed. I was not disappointed. I was impressed with Robin’s quick mind. I also liked how she’d ask questions without hesitation, trying to dig deeper into my motives and meaning.

For example, I shared how I struggle when I’m put in a position of authority. I don’t like being treated like a money expert because I don’t feel like a money expert. As a result, I’m reluctant to speak in front of large audiences. And I’m dragging my feet when it comes to setting up the Get Rich Slowly channel on YouTube.

On the other hand, I love meeting people one on one. I enjoy talking with readers about their financial situations, asking questions about their choices, trying to find solutions to their problems.

After listening for a few moments, Robin cut to the core: “You’re preferred mode is relational,” she said, “not informational.”

It was a simple statement, but it made a big impression on me. She’s right. (My therapist once told me I’m a “relationship guy”.) I need to consider this when choosing how to proceed with projects. Maybe I’m struggling with the YouTube channel because I don’t want to be a talking head. Maybe instead I need to film myself in conversation with others.

“Maybe you should let people pay you to do coaching calls,” Robin suggested. “And you might want to consider doing more partnerships. You should work with Douglas Tsoi on his School of Financial Freedom.” I think she’s right.

Anyhow, the past couple of days have made me feel like a boy again. But instead of dreaming about my heroes, I actually got to meet and talk with one. Isn’t life crazy? (And I have high hopes that I’ll get to meet and talk with Vicki Robin again in the not-so-distant future.)

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A big part of the appeal of #vanlife is the simple access to all things outdoors. You bring the conveniences of house to your legendary walkings, trips, and climbs up. What about ski and snowboard journeys? Living out of an automobile in the mountains throughout chillier months is, obviously, a bit more complex. This is my 4th winter season in a van, and I’’ ve discovered a couple of features of making the dream operate in mountain resort towns . Here are my leading pointers, along with stories from a couple effective objectives to snowy paradises where I put them into practice. Most importantly, as I explain below, you can attempt this yourself with very little financial investment by leasing a sweet camper van .

Things to Know

 vanlife( Brent Rose)

While spontaneity is among the trademarks of vanlife, for winter season experiences you require to do some research. For beginners, examine the weather condition so you wear’’ t enter into a scenario that you (or your van) can’’ t deal with. If the roadways are going to be icy, you might wish to reconsider, as vans tend to be top-heavy. Clearly, all-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive rigs will fare much better in those kinds of conditions, while a rear-wheel-drive van would be additional dodgy. Having chains is compulsory regardless. And put on’’ t hesitate to pull the rip cable if the projection is particularly foreboding.

Do some reading about the guidelines and policies of the location you’’ re checking out, and search for journey reports from vanlifers to see where they remained (typically 10 minutes of Googling around will get you the essentials). It’’ s progressively typical for towns to have laws that particularly restrict overnighting in cars. Discovering that out in advance might conserve you a huge headache upon arrival.Constantly examine your tires and fluids prior to heading into winter season weather condition. In addition to bring chains, I advise having a folding shovel in case it snows on you during the night and you require to dig the van out. make sure you have plenty of food to tailor and consume to keep you warm if you get stuck. In addition, I would argue that complete blackout tones or drapes are compulsory. If you’’ re required to park incognito in an unknown town, being as unnoticeable as possible is going to be extremely helpful.

Let’’ s enter into how I used these finest practices on a number of journeys, along with some info particular to 2 places: Whistler and Aspen.

.Whistler, British Columbia.

 vanlife( Brent Rose)

The very first time I went all in on vanlife at a ski resort, it went way much better than I might have pictured. It was spring at Whistler Blackcomb . I’’d examined the weather condition ahead of time and saw that temperature levels weren’’ t anticipated to drop listed below freezing, which was necessary for me, as my van has a water supply (sink, shower, toilet) and little insulation. If the water lines freeze and break, I’’ m taking a look at countless dollars in damages. With the temperature levels looking excellent, and still a lot of snow on the slopes, I chose to go all out.

Whistler has numerous big outside car park, a number of which function huge areas designated for RVs. The indications at the lot inform you that you’’ re not permitted to over night in your lorry there, I’’d done some online research study that recommended otherwise. When I drew in, I spoke with other individuals in Busses and recreational vehicles who supported the concept that I didn’’ t need to stress. One man informed me that he ’d been there for 2 weeks and hadn ’ t had any issues. ““ As long as you keep it subtle and wear’’ t make a mess or anything,” you must be great, ” hestated.


He was. I invested 5 nights and days there, and the only things I actually needed to spend for were lift tickets and the periodic après beer or meal when I didn’’ t seem like cooking. My van has a little refrigerator, lp range, and microwave, so by packing up on groceries prior to driving north from Seattle, I had the ability to keep my expenditures very low. That made the periodic splurge on meals much more rewarding. I would get up early and get the packed French toast at Elements prior to directing the mountain and looking for powder stashes in Symphony Glades. Due to the fact that my van has a little shower, I’’d return there after last chair to rinse while I was still warm from the effort, then I’’d head back out and strike Garibaldi Lift Company for après, supper at Sushi Village , or simply lose consciousness while viewing films on my laptop computer. I’’d hang up my damp equipment near my little lp heating system, and it’’d be dry by early morning.


I duplicated that standard pattern for 5 days, and it was marvelous. Not just does Whistler provide a few of my preferred surface in the world, however it was likewise the most inexpensive resort experience I’’ ve ever had. Even if my luck had actually been bad and I ’d gotten tossed out of the car park, there are some neighboring camping areas that I might have pulled back to for very little extra expense. My lp heating unit kept me cozy in the evening, however if you wear’’ t have among those, it ’ s most likely worth heading to a camping area where you can plug in and run an electrical area heating unit. I took pleasure in comparable luck at Squaw Valley near Lake Tahoe (park in the huge lot on the Squaw Creek side), however as I found out the difficult method, other ski towns can be harder.

.Aspen, Colorado.

 vanlife( Brent Rose)

Aspen Snowmass in Colorado has actually long been among my preferred locations to ride. Not just does it get incredibly dry, fluffy powder, however the 4 mountains running under a single pass provide you amazing range to select from. For my early-December effort, it was going to be method too cold for my van (called Ashley the Beast, if you were questioning). The projection required temperature levels to 2 degrees, which would have eliminated my water supply (and I didn’’ t wish to drain it and fill it with Recreational Vehicle antifreeze). My van is just geared up with rear-wheel drive, and I didn’’ t trust it in the snow and ice. Ashley was staying at home.

Luckily, I had another choice: Aspen Custom Vans . This small, regional business does customized constructs for individuals who desire their own adventure-mobile, however it likewise has some that it leases through . And there it was: a high, 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter called Blue. It didn’’ t have all the bells and whistles of my van, however it had beautiful wood paneling, lots of area, and, most significantly, a robust diesel heating system that would avoid me from freezing to death.

If you understand anything about Aspen, you will not be stunned to hear that it has a couple of more guidelines than Whistler. Not just can it be tough to discover an easy parking area, however overnighting in your automobile is unlawful within the city. It is, nevertheless, a victimless criminal activity, so if you put on’’ t have a lot of scruples about such things, then you simply require to use a little imagination.

The finest, most peaceful location I discovered to park remained in the lot by the gate on Independence Pass (a.k.a. Colorado State Highway 82), which a couple of regional pals had actually advised. The pass is closed throughout the winter season, however eviction is just about 15 minutes from downtown. I invested the night there with a number of other parked vans and automobiles, and it was definitely beautiful. The only noise I heard all night was the wind through the trees, and I got up to the sight of the sun shining off the newly fallen powder.

Another suggestion I obtained from some residents: there are a great deal of popular huts around Aspen that individuals ski or snowshoe to, and they normally have car park on the roadway where individuals leave their vehicles or vans for days on end and no one bats an eye. If you’’ re incognito there, you shouldn ’ t have an issue. You’’ re likewise less most likely to have concerns in more working-class towns like Carbondale, some 45 minutes away. One night I simply went on and chanced and parked in a suburb within Aspen, and no one appeared to see. Truthfully, I got a bit fortunate, as the noise of the heating unit certainly might have brought in some attention. Once again, being incognito is crucial. You’’ re going to desire complete blackout drapes. Do any cooking and cleaning up prior to you park in your area, so when you arrive you can be as quiet as possible. You desire individuals strolling by to believe it’’ s simply an empty traveler van.


But what about showers, you ask? You can’’ t get all sweaty on the slopes and simply repeat day after day. There are some terrific choices in town. Entryway to the Aspen Recreation Center (ARC) is $10, which provides you gain access to not just to its showers, however likewise to its swimming pools (total with a huge waterslide), health club, jacuzzis, and steam bath. If you put on’’ t mind paying out a bit more, the $25 jacuzzi at the Aspen Meadows Resort ignores a river and is beautiful. Worse-case situation: child wipes. You can likewise boil some water and utilize a washcloth and a plastic basin. Not precisely elegant, however practical!

For food, there’’ s big grocery store in the area, which is the very best method to keep your expenses low. Blue had a little refrigerator and a two-burner range, however I wound up eating in restaurants a lot. There’’ s something about having breakfast at Element 47 at the Little Nell, then burning all of it off treking the Highland Bowl or ripping groomers all the time at Aspen Mountain, then getting après at the Ajax Tavern , striking the jacuzzi at the ARC, taking pleasure in pizza for supper at the Limelight Hotel’’ s lounge , and after that huddling in your warm van to do all of it once again the next day.

.The Takeaway.

 vanlife( Brent Rose)

Truth be informed, however, the genuine benefit of owning a four-season van isn’’ t holing up in one mountain town (though I definitely had a good time doing that), it’’ s storm chasing. State you’’ ve got an Epic or Ikon Pass. When you see that storm coming, you might get your van, head to the westernmost resort on your pass, and after that follow the powder as it moves east, scoring fresh tracks as you go. That’’ s the type of objective that will have you tiring your grandkids one day with stories of snorkel-skiing magnificence.

But vanlife certainly isn’’ t for everyone, which is why I suggest doing a trial run initially in a leased automobile. This provides you the possibility to attempt it out—– then retreat to your teeny-tiny, definitely more parkable city automobile if it’’ s not your cup of tea.


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